Retractable Fascia Shop Awning

The Deans fascia shopblind or retractable awning is an all weather type of awning where the roller and cover of the retractable awning are housed in a pre-prepared box which has been  installed in a shopfront, usually by shopfitters.

All normal methods of operation can be used on a retractable fascia awning including: traditional sliding arms, trellis arms and folding arms.

Front awning profiles can be from a number of materials though usually wood or aluminium is specified. Deans are sometimes asked to install custom made front profiles (laths) to the awnings which can be of brass or bronze on occasion.

When a new shopfront is specified it is advisable to call Deans early in the design phase to ascertain the appropriate box size that should be built in to suit the selected awning.

Operation of Deans fascia retractable awnings and shop blinds can be of any type including fully automated operation.

Retractable Fascia Shop Awning 1 Retractable Fascia Shop Awning 2Retractable Fascia Shop Awning 3 Retractable Fascia Shop Awning 4

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